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My name is Marju Kivi and I was born in Estonia. Now living in Portugal for two decades. Passion for Nature and for Life is in all things I do.

For all my life I have felt a profound connection with Nature. I admire the beauty, functionality and order that surrounds us. We all are part of this incredible form of existence where each being has a task.

Why I am in love for natural perfumery? In 2018 I was fortunate to participate at Botanica Conference in UK. How I loved these three days of intense absorption of information from international "Plant Lovers"! I felt surrounded by such beauty and intelligence! One of the presentations was from Slobodanka Poštić about natural perfumery. With enforced confidence I decided to get involved with aromatic plants more seriously than ever.

In 2019 I was fortunate to receive Slobodanka Poštić together with international students in Portugal for Natural Perfumery Class - Fragrant Signatures. This 5-day practical course had two editions of successful finishers! All students renewed their view to the World and to Life. Grateful I am being one of the finishers!

Flowers emit aroma to invite insects for pollen. Because of the insects there may exist fruit and new seeds to grow. Mushrooms exist as the breathe of the soil. A fallen tree will provide great amount of nutrients for the forest while is served as home for incredible amount of tiny habitants.

My goal is to be a guide in the process of finding your preferred aroma. Perhaps there are several of those. Would it be possible to set them together and create a new smell? Something only yours?!

The journey to create your own perfume is fun and emotional. Takes some time though. In this process we work with natural botanical ingredients like tinctures, essential oils, hydrosols and enfleurage pomades. I will guide you through your choices.

Can you imagine the smell of one perfume? Can you imagine how your favorite perfume should smell like? How would you like to feel while walking around proudly and wearing your unique perfume? Will this make you feel better?

Have a thought about this and if you find yourself with any ideas, please get in touch with me.




A free soul. Gardener. Mother. Nature Lover. Aromatic distiller. Natural perfumer. Blogger.