Have you ever felt good in Nature?

It is a cloudy day. The planetary composition is complex right now. Imagine someone dear to you suddenly feels a need to let out all those hidden feelings. Those that are there for a while, even perhaps decades. Maybe these feelings exist as heritage. You stand still, shaking a bit and keeping calm. Trying your best really. You feel like hiding, far away from this tension. But you stay. You may take a walk outside and look at the plants that you have admired and loved so much. Do they seem to be all grey colored even if their beautiful yellow flowers are in bloom? When this precise moment lifts slowly and you will look at the flower again, what color will you see? Can you recognize that actually that flower is yellow and shines so beautifully? You can appreciate this moment and it makes you feel grateful. Can someone’s need to shout out loud be beautiful? It really is the pure expression of human soul.

A living being, who is resistant, delicate and beautiful, once told to you: “Just breathe!”. Honestly, you are getting good at this. All you did was taking one breathe after another. Slowly in, slowly out. Yes, you did cry a little so your feelings could finding their place to be. Then you told to yourself: “Go on! You have no time to lose!”. You had to move on.

If you close your eyes and manage to open these again then this means that you are still alive! The complex world around you is in motion. That moment of tension is already a past.

That beautiful being lives in the wild. She has deeply touched your soul and she gives you strength. You do not understand how she does this but it works. Instinctively you reached the essential oil extracted from her leaves and used a drop on your wrist. The smell is sweet, intense and deep. Woody and balsamic undertones reach your inner “corners”. Resistance. You applied a drop in early morning and while entering to afternoon hours, you still can smell her. Love. Her message is true love.

The feeling while smelling this essential oil is all about greatness. A superior energy that knows where to look and what should be left behind. Incredible really how on the moments of tension she gracefully blows you forward and holds your hand. And who is this secret friend? Cistus ladanifer, a rock rose. Amazing isn’t she?

You think it will never stop raining?

Rainy days are normal aren’t they?! In Nature water is constantly in movement. Falls from heaven as rain or snow, is absorbed by the soil and plants. Insects drink from a tiny rain drop stuck in a flower bud and all is good! In the end we actually need rainy days! Complicated comes in when human nervous system is not able to remember about the end of the rain while it is still raining. And this is where you can try better next time. You can create your own neuromuscular connections and prepare for the rainy days. Trust yourself! Rain is good!

Actually the smell of the forest after rain is comforting. The aroma of wet soil mixed with composting leaves and volatile aromatic molecules is quite unique experience of smelling. This composition travels in the air guided by the heat of sun rays. Have you had a chance to connect yourself to that precise moment? Have you been in the forest after rain? Did you feel like melting together with surroundings while time becomes one with everything around you? So you see, there is beauty in what comes together with rain.

Barefoot on the rocks.

Since I was a child I adored walking barefoot during summer months. Winters in Estonia were too cold for that. While elegant and creative snowdrifts were forming and moon enlightened long and dark North European nights, i wished to keep my little toes surrounded by woolen socks and sauna.

Have you tried to take off your foot protection and walk barefoot? If the answer is no and you are right now creating a list of reasons why you should not do that, then actually you may be missing something here. Is it cold you think you will not handle? Or perhaps you are afraid of getting hurt? You think you will get a bee sting on your little toe and then you have two big toes on same foot? It is in that moment you put your naked foot on the rock … What will you feel? Cold at first, sharp stones and seeds, warm and soft moss, wet grass and water drops running over your feet, little sand grains under your “so well taken care of” feet. You probably get hurt. It is normal until your skin is still thin. Human body knows the trick and has a capacity to adapt to environment by building a stronger skin under feet. Try to take a few steps one day. Then go for a five minute walk. What will you really feel? This is a good feeling! You feel lighter! There is a flow of energy between you and the Earth! Interestingly you will also learn where to step on. Your senses come to life. You will look to the ground while walking barefoot and choose the best way! There is beauty out there! In the sting of a bumble berry sharp needle there is beauty. You are still alive! Use the time you have! Honestly you do know that the little wound from a bumble berry needle will heal quickly.

Breathe in. And breathe out.

It is fascinating this World we are living in! We are fascinating beings too! Some days there are great storms inside us that would need more space to fit in. This space is limited though and has a size of a bucket (therapists talk about emotional bucket don’t they?). There is no problem to live with a bucket inside. Only one! The fact is that we should supply maintenance and empty the bucket. When should we do that? When the bucket is full? Better to empty it constantly. Let emotions in and out with a natural flow. Perhaps you would like to write a poem or this voice inside you tells you to draw? Have you tried running while you are angry? What a great charge of energy! Your body has a surprise for you — free endorphins all day long! Your mind is clear and you may shine your light!



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